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Regalo lagotto

As a working breed, the Lagotto needs frequent mental stimulation and physical exercise to be happy and content.
If the ears show irritation or buildup of dirt and earwax, the hairs from the ear canal should be gently plucked out regularly.
Hair on the ears should be trimmed around the edges to the leather.
The breed is very loyal and loving, making them the perfect family companion citation needed.Lagotto puppies are crucial in research regarding epilepsy.Its traditional function is a gundog, specifically a water retriever ; however, it is often used to hunt for truffles.Grooming edit There are conflicting ideas on how to groom this breed.Its highly developed noses makes it a prime search dog citation needed.5 Notes and references edit External links edit.These Lagotti, through subsequent exports from the UK which provided the foundation stock for Canada, USA and Australia, can be found behind many Lagotti worldwide.

Otherwise, shaping can be performed before a competition.
Lagotto live roughly 16 years.
They generally have sharp senses, although their eyesight is more sensitive to motion than to detail citation needed.
Modern water retrieving dog breeds are believed to have descended in part from the Lagotto Ramagnolo.
Lagotti vary in their need for exercise, but should always be given stimulation to keep their minds occupied.It is also worth noting that the photograph on the back of the first official video produced in Italy circa 1996, showed a group of Lagotti working - not truffling, but duck-shooting from a punt.The Lagotto has a thick, waterproof double coat of hair rather than fur and should be groomed on a regular basis.The breed originates from Italy and was first used to hunt waterfowl.If properly socialized they get along well with dogs, children and other small pets. .Males, height: 4348 cm (1719 in).4 premio fedeltà sisal History edit The Lagotto is an ancient breed of water retriever from the lowlands of Comacchio and marshlands of Ravenna, Italy.The body is square and classified as medium in size.Se non sei ancora registrato, puoi farlo ora - è facile e veloce: Accedi, registrati.Dog breed, the, lagotto Romagnolo latto romalo (plural Lagotti) is a breed of dog that comes from the.